Sophisticated automation systems which build on the mechanised achievements of the industrial revolution have brought innumerable benefits to domestic consumers with a vast range of products and services – home automation being just one example. Industrial automation underpins this advance and uses electric motors and linear drives to power its processes, complex controllers to monitor and refine procedures, transmissions to direct and distribute forces, and actuators to start, stop or modify each phase. Today’s automation infrastructure primarily uses digital means to create mechanical motion solutions, employing tools and technologies such as HMI (human machine interface), SCADA (supervisory control & data acquisition), and PLC (programmable logic control) to effect motion control. Major-brand automation products from front line manufacturers such as Siemens, SMC, Trinamic, Maxon Motor and Oriental Motor can be supplied from stock. These include components offering pull, thrust, or thrust and pull actions; a maximum torque range of 1.7 Nm to 9 Nm; and shaft power outputs from 150 mNm through to 250 mNm. Many products can handle or deliver multiple analogue and/or digital inputs and outputs in a variety of configurations, under different voltage conditions, and in bipolar or unipolar modes. Almost 40% of listed items are available on 24-hour delivery with many others supplied within five days.