Distrelec supplies many different types of electrical testing equipment, such as voltage and continuity checkers by Fluke, UNI-T and Benning, which are designed to measure voltage across a wide range - usually from 12 to 690VAC. There are also non-contact voltage testers that can be held near a wire - the tip will usually glow red or flash a light if it detects any voltage. A pocket-sized voltage tester is a very handy device to have on the factory floor or around the home if there is a suspected fault, such as a blown fuse. Distrelec supplies continuity testers made by manufacturers including Emct, Benning and Amprobe, that are used to find out if an electrical circuit can be created between two points. Cable locators, including magnetic field detectors, such as those by Sagab, Amprobe and Pancontrol, are also commonly used devices to detect the presence of any hidden cables before drilling. Distrelec stocks a range of rotating field measuring instruments, used to measure velocity and revolutions in the industrial sector in terms of research and maintenance. Distrelec stocks high-quality devices for all electrical testing requirements.