Thermometers & Temperature Testing

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A huge range of measuring instruments is available for what can loosely be described as environmental monitoring. High-tech thermometers can be of the contact (thermocouple) or non-contact (usually IR) type. Multi-purpose instruments cover various measurement parameters, such as humidity, temperature, air velocity, light and sound. For weather monitoring, relative humidity, dew-point and wet-bulb readings can be taken, and it is possible to purchase a complete weather station. Other monitors allow for CO and CO2 readings, and various water quality measurements can be taken, including for turbidity and dissolved oxygen. Vibration and sound-level meter readings have many applications and tachometers can be used either as contact or non-contact instruments. Light meters and UV light meters add to the lineup with instruments for force, pressure and even electro-magnetic field being available. Monitoring on a more personal level is provided for by blood pressure and heartrate monitors. Even high-precision weighing scales and watches can be provided. It is fair to say that if there is a parameter to be measured, suitable monitoring equipment can be located.